JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 3-2 Sem Mid, Lab & End Exams

JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 3-2 Sem Mid, Lab & End Exams

The University examination centre has scheduled II Mid examinations from 12-10-2020

Laboratory examinations from 17-10-2020

End examinations from 26-10-2020 for III B.Tech/B.Pharmacy II Semester.

As these students are already studying and going to complete IV B.Tech/B.Pharmacy I Semester by 30-11-2020 as per Academic Calendar.

In view of COVID, many students, parents and colleges are requesting to relax the schedule for writing the Mid and laboratory exams.

Also to give permission to appear for Mid, quiz and end examinations at the centres near to the present locations of the students similar to final semester exams.

Hence, as per the directions, all the Principals of affiliated colleges are hereby informed to collect the options from the students.

To write III B.Tech/B.Pharmacy II Semester examinations and to submit the same in the University examinations portal before 10-10-2020 02:00 PM.

The III B.Tech/B.Pharmacy II Sem II Mid, Quiz and Laboratory external exams can be conducted from 12-10-2020 to 31-10-2020 without affecting the end exams.

As the colleges are facing many problems to conduct the server based online quiz in multiple sessions.

The Principals are informed to conduct the II quiz examinations in offline/online at college level with 20 multiple choice questions with a weightage of ½ mark each as mentioned in the academic regulations.

The II Mid and Quiz examination marks are to be uploaded to University by the parent college.

The same may please be communicated to the students concerned.

JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 3-2 Sem Mid, Lab & End Exams Circular