Andhra Pradesh Academic Calendar and Guidelines 2020-21


Revised Academic Calendar

Andhra Pradesh Academic Calendar and Guidelines 2020-21: According to AICTE guidelines on Academic Year 2020-2021, the last date of admission for 1st year Engineering courses has been extended to 30th November, 2020

The last date of commencement of classes of 1st year is 1st December, 2020

Andhra Pradesh Academic Calendar and Guidelines 2020-21

 A. Non-professional Programmes

B. Professional Programmes (B.Tech and B.Pharm)

C. Academic Calendar for Postgraduate Programmes

Teaching and Learning: Instructional Methodology

  • Blended Learning with 1/3rd strength (programmes) on the college campus and in hostels:
  • A period of 10-day classroom instruction- an overview of 2 or 3 units i.e. 1/3rd of the syllabus will be covered
  • Facilitate instruction as per available infrastructural facilities:
  • If the class strength is high, it can be divided into 2 groups and staggered time-table is followed
  • The same can be followed for laboratory work

Division of Programme:

Classroom instruction is provided to overcome the problems of internet and other technical glitches

After completion of 10 days of instruction:

  1. students of that batch will leave the campus and hostels
  2. Complete learning material and assignments are to be given for next 20 days on monitored online on a day-to-day basis
  3. Online classes will be facilitated throughout the semester to ensure access to students who are unable to attend classroom instruction

Blended Learning:

When students are at home active teaching-learning process should be ensured through WhatsApp groups, Google Classrooms, free video-conference facilities.

Detailed video / audio lectures shall be uploaded on the college website

Evaluation through Assignments/Quizzes, etc. are to be administered through email or Google Classroom to the students for the next 20 days

Student attendance to be recorded and monitored

Timetable to be worked out by respective Universities and Colleges for all programmes

After opening HEIs: At Entry Gate

• Mandatory hand hygiene and thermal screening provisions

• Only asymptomatic persons to be allowed in the premises; Symptomatic persons to be

referred to the nearest health center

  • Posters/standees on preventive measures about COVID-19 to be displayed prominently
  • Following physical distancing norms in parking lots, corridors and elevators
  • Entry of visitors should be strictly regulated

After opening HEIs: Conduct of activities within the campus

• Seating arrangements ensuring distance of 6 feet between chairs/desks

• Teaching faculty to ensure that everyone wear masks throughout the conduct of the

teaching/guidance activities

  1. Sharing of items (notebook, pens/pencil, water bottle etc.) amongst students not to be allowed
  2. In laboratories, maximum capacity per session based on redesigned spaces may be planned and scheduled
  3. Cafeteria/mess facility shall strictly ensure physical distancing. Staggered mess timetable shall be followed.

Transportation Facility:

Students to be encouraged to use bicycles or reach college by walk

If transportation facility is provided by the institution, proper physical distancing, sanitization of buses/other transport vehicles (with 1% sodium hypochlorite) to be ensured

Staggered timings of commutation to be practice

Hostel Facility:

Only 1/3rd accommodation to be filled

Single room accommodation needs to be provided. No crowding; common hall/room, TV rooms can be used for this purpose

Hostel accommodation is provided only to students who are attending the classes in institute

However, hostel students who reside 100 kms away from the institute shall be provided hostel facility for the entire semester.

Common areas: need to follow sanitization guidelines for washrooms and communal gathering in common areas will be suspended

Hostel rooms and room provisions will be sanitized periodically

Emergency protocol will be defined in case a student is found symptomatic or tested positive for COVID-19

Psycho-social Wellbeing:

  1. Ensure regular counseling for students and faculty for addressing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  2. Mentorship assignments should be put in place formally, and mentor-mentee discussions shall be recorded into an action plan and shared with the mentee
  3. Faculty, counselors and/or mentors should work in unison to ensure emotional safety of the students

A detailed discussion was held on the action plan for Academic Calendar 2020-2021of Higher Education Institutions and the Chief Secretary gave the following key directions/suggestions regarding the opening of HEIs and the measures required to take to prevent the spread of COVD -19 :

  1. Capacity building for teachers: conduct sessions with VCs and teachers and sensitize them regarding COVID-19
  2. Each institutions should develop their own SoP
  3. Task Force: A set of people should do random visits to institutions and observe preparedness, safeguard measures and check the compliances
  4. Precautionary measures for students who go back home after class in institution need to be specified; after reaching home they should wash hand, take a bath, wash clothes and masks and keep distance from vulnerable group.
  5. Students should also create awareness among their neighbourhood regarding measures to prevent COVID-19
  6. Mandatory rules should be enforced for students, teachers and staffs to wear face mask/cover
  7. Rules regarding no congregation, no lingering, confine to 2 – 3 friends outside the classrooms needs to be enforced
  8. Rules specific to hand washing should be enforced
  9. Protocol needs to be developed for self-monitoring of health and reporting any illness at the earliest
  10. Detailed directions regarding cleaning washrooms should be given to cleaning staff
  11. The doors and windows of institutes should be kept open for better ventilation
  12. Teachers should be advised to keep distance while teaching without mask
  13. Encourage use of outdoor space for teaching

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